Erni barrel sampling.


Wines for the Ages

For Erni, the real character and complexity of a truly great wine does not emerge until it has developed maturity, which can only happen through time and cannot be rushed. Given time — in the barrel and in the bottle — a fine wine will clearly reveal the unique nature of its terroir, as well as the signature of its vintage. This is what we strive for at Appassionata Estate: wines that vividly express their origins, and that have the depth, structure and complexity to reward long-term cellar aging.

To achieve that, we grow fruit of exceptional quality and practice unhurried winemaking, allowing the wines to unfold at their own tempo. Then we hold them for up to 10 years before release, giving them time to emerge in full harmony. When you acquire a bottle of Appassionata wine, it will be just entering the peak of its development – ready to drink now, and with many vital years ahead of it.

Glasses and blending supplies.
Clusters of grapes close up.
Juice dripping from a press.
Two bottles of Appassionata wine.