Appassionata Wine Bottles

Truly memorable wines begin with passion, develop with patience, and reward you with a fully realized expression of their unique place in the world. This is the experience we want to share with you at Appassionata Estate, rooted in the Chehalem Mountains in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Passion. Patience. Place.

Ernst Loosen in a Vineyard


Taking its name from a Beethoven piano sonata, Appassionata Estate began as a passion project for German winemaker Ernst Loosen.

About Appassionata


Unhurried winemaking and up to 10 years of cellar aging allow Appassionata wines to unfold at their own pace, emerging in full harmony on release.

Wines for the Ages


Rooted in the volcanically formed, flood-washed hills of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Appassionata wines embody the soil, spirit and substance of this very special place.

The Vineyard and Winery